Montreal rally demands justice for Colten Boushie

One of the Facebook groups established after Colten Boushie a 22-year-old Cree man was shot by a Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley has attracted more than 3,600 followers

Demonstrations in response to the acquittal of Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley in the shooting death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie, have been taking place across the country since the verdict was read on Friday night.

"There's a lot of racism within Saskatchewan", said Eleanore Sunchild, a lawyer and Boushie family friend. Stanley fired two warning shots. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Monday the Liberal government announced they are in the wake of the Stanley verdict. Stanley would either be found guilty of second degree murder, manslaughter, or be acquitted.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has been tasked with reviewing the criminal justice system - including sentencing, trial delays, the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in prisons and so-called "peremptory challenges". "We are angry, we are upset, and we are hurt".

The problem, Trudeau said, is that federal governments have not been fully implementing those rights, forcing Indigenous Peoples to turn to the courts to enforce them, time and again.

"Some people state that race has nothing to do with this process, yet the defense felt threatened by an indigenous person being on the jury", she said, referencing the fact that indigenous would-be jurors were rejected in favor of white jurors.

Talia Bellerose, a speaker at the event and Concordia student in First Peoples Studies, said it's important for people to educate themselves on Canada's history.

How doubly tragic it would be if Canada did not learn the lessons of the understandable outrage over the case of Colten Boushie.

Trudeau, who has pledged to fix the relationship between the government and Canada's aboriginal people, said it is time to take a "rights-based approach" to decision-making in partnership with indigenous peoples.

The defence argued the shot was an accident, the result of a common gun glitch known as "hang fire". "Our thoughts and prayers are with Colten Boushie's family and community".

"Based on the evidence, the jurors took an oath to render a fair and just verdict". A junior constable initially headed the investigation and the auto where Boushie died was left out in the rain for two days, washing away evidence.

You have been redirected from 24 Hours. Stanley claimed they were trying to steal his ATV.

"F-king indian", wrote one poster. A rural councillor, Ben Kautz, resigned under pressure after posting that the "only mistake was leaving witnesses", and many other anti-Indigenous posts followed throughout the trial process.

At the time, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) blamed the RCMP for the vitriol and for presenting the shooting in a way that disproportionately cast Boushie as the aggressor.

"That can't happen, not in Canada, not in our justice system".

But there are serious questions about how the investigation into Boushie's slaying played out, and how the court system worked in Stanley's favour. As mothers, we are asking, "Will our child be next?" "We stand here grieving today for a loss of one of our loved ones". Enough killing our people.

Regional Chief Adamek stated: "It is clear and well-established that Canada's justice system is failing Canada".

The Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women is supposed to be examining police practices as well as why Indigenous women tend to disproportionately suffer violent fates.

Indigenous youth are being denied full and productive lives and fear in our communities is rooted in daily life. Meanwhile, suicides and poor health conditions plague majority-indigenous areas of the country - many First Nations communities have been forced to organize because they do not have access to drinking water.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe reportedly met with Boushie's family over the weekend and emphasized the need for soul-searching in Canada, especially with regards to racism and the rights of indigenous communities.

Webster said Tuesday's rally was about continuing to put pressure on the justice system, and those in positions of power to take action.



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