Monster Hunter World Player Beats High Rank Boss With No Armor

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It's worth noting that Switch owners do have the option of playing Monster Hunter XX, but the future of the series on Nintendo's console is worth pondering over.

Specifically, the Capcom president said that, "It is hard to put out "Monster Hunter World" for the Switch".

Monster Hunter World has been a success worldwide after its launch last January and, like all successful games in recent months, some fans have thought and expressed their desire to come at some point to Switch.

"The Switch is different from other stationary machines both in functions and users", he continued.

When Tsujimoto was asked if he would consider developing the game of for the Nintendo Switch he respected the fact that there was a very high demand by the Nintendo Switch audience.

As seen below in the video from the YouTuber and Monster Hunter World fan known as AkantoreX, the would-be hunter - armed with nothing more than a vicious-looking spiked hammer - goes in bare bones against Kirin, and begins bringing the pain nearly immediately after laying eyes on the creature. Each game console as its own characteristic, and it's necessary that we, as game makers, adapt to that when making [a game].

This isn't the first time Monster Hunter: World has crossed over with another franchise.

That would take more time to create the animation and gameplay and everything else and delay the game more even if Capcom released it for the Xbox One and PS4 first. Perhaps it is possible to port a barebones version of the game for the Switch but it wouldn't look as pretty or run as smoothly.

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