Meryl Streep Speaks Out After Harvey Weinstein Uses Her Name in Lawsuit

Harvey’s lawyers Not all women hate Weinstein — ask

Weinstein just responded to the class action lawsuit filed against him and The Weinstein Company, and straight out says that there's no way he could have used his power to ruin women's careers because "Gwyneth Paltrow was allegedly harassed during the filming of Emma in 1994 ..."

The lawyers - Phyllis Kupferstein and Roxanna A. Manuel - are trying to block six lesser-known actresses from obtaining class action status in their NY federal suit.

Lawyers from Los Angeles' Kupferstein Manuel LLP and New York City's Morrison Cohen LLP wrote "these proposed class definitions are fatally overbroad as to be not ascertainable." .

The lawsuit was filed by six women who claim Weinstein and his former film companies conspired to hide his widespread sexual harassment and assaults.

His lawyers cited comments made by Streep in a statement she released last October saying Weinstein had always been respectful in their working relationship.

When numerous sexual harassment and assault allegations emerged against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein past year, Streep was among the first major industry players to speak out, calling Weinstein's behaviour "disgraceful", "inexcusable", and an "abuse of power". "HW needed us not to know this, because our association with him bought him credibility, an ability to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt", Streep said.

The filing by Weinstein's lawyers came the same day other defendants in the suit, including The Weinstein Co., sought to dismiss the legal action.

The lawsuit, which could potentially involve hundreds of other women, said Weinstein assaulted young women trying to break into Hollywood when they were alone with him and that his former film companies operated like an organized crime group to hide widespread sexual harassment and assaults. Bosses at the production company are seeking to have the lawsuit against them dismissed and now Weinstein is referencing his working relationships with the likes of Streep and Gwyneth Paltrow to prove his innocence and have the suit tossed.

Weinstein's lawsuit said, "Such women would include, presumably, Jennifer Lawrence, who told Oprah Winfrey she had known Weinstein since she was 20 years old and said 'he had only ever been nice to me'".

With that, The Post star left it very clear how she felt about her name being dragged into the muck of the much accused, much sued and investigated Weinstein.

Weinstein denies the claims by the six actresses.



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