McDonald's just launched an even bigger Big Mac

McDonald's creates $12,500 ring in Valentine's Day stunt

They're inviting people to share their own Big Mac bars.

Worldwide fast-food chain juggernaut McDonald's has created Big Mac-themed jewelry to commemorate the popular and arguably one of the most iconic items on its menu.

If you or your special sauce are flipping for this glimmering feast, it's time to get your creative juices flowing.

Burger fans are in for a treat are the chain has launched two new sizes of the legendary burger - the Grand Big Mac and the Mac Jr. Do you lust for lettuce, swoon for melty cheese, or pine for patties?

Asked when the "Big Narstie Mac" is coming to McDonald's, the rapper - whose real name is Tyrone Lindo - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I am trying to get McDonald's United Kingdom to make me a burger".

McDonald's is celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac in the United Kingdom with a film that takes a nostalgia trip back in time thorugh the decades.

Asked who would win in eating the most Big Mac's at once between him and his pal Ed Sheeran, the "When the Bassline Drops" hitmaker said it would be a "close call". Only one victor will be chosen for this competition, since only one set was made by Ghosn specially for this contest. "Much like the three Mac sandwiches, Nadine's designs are unique and built to perfection".

The piece, which is actually made up of seven separate pieces that quite literally take up half a finger, is made with 18K gold, champagne diamonds, and orange sapphires, and was created for you "to show just how big your Big Mac love is".



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