LG V30s launching at MWC with 256GB storage & LG Lens in tow

LG V30s launching at MWC with 256GB storage & LG Lens in tow

The company planned variants of many of its current smartphones. However the phone - previously known in rumors as the "LG V30+Alpha" - will debut a new "LG Lens" camera feature that promises things like foreign language translation, object recognition, shopping integration, overlaying navigation instructions over the real-time view from the camera, and more. Now the company is planning to launch LG V30s at the upcoming technology event, MWC.

Beyond that, LG Lens might be enough to help the South Korean brand rival the camera smarts of the Google Pixel 2.

In addition to this LG Lens feature, the LG V30s will come with 256GB of built-in storage.

Despite the fact that the LG V30 turned out to be a massive improvement over the G6, it was not able to garner the level of success that the Galaxy Note 8 received, even though it should have. Yes, the new LG V30s smartphone would be an expensive one which you might have been waiting for.

The LG V30s doesn't sound like a huge upgrade, but features like LG Lens and 256GB of built-in storage could be nice for folks that are fans of LG or were already thinking about picking up the V30.

In terms of its design, the LG V30s would be designed differently but yes, it would acquire kind of the same design of its predecessor with additional changes.

In short, it's much akin to the Bixby Camera feature that Samsung launched on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 past year. Although the company hasn't officially revealed the name, but LG V30+? does seem a like a good candidate. As well as this, it will offer a foreign language translation service and augmented reality functionality that uses both the camera and the phones Global Positioning System. If this turns out to be true, then the V30s will be the first device from the company to arrive with this functionality. We would get to hear some more official information regarding this phone in the coming days.



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