Jennifer Lawrence hits back at trolls and media over dress controversy

Jennifer Lawrence Is Happy to Freeze for Fashion Okay

She is a grown woman who can decide whether she needs a coat.

The thread of tweets dissecting Jennifer's dress situation got a considerable amount of attention, and made headlines. The dress was discordant with the #TimesUp movement, you see. Many commentators had focused on the fact that she wore the revealing dress in cold weather while her fellow male actors, including Jeremy Irons, were bundled up in winter wear.

Oscar-winning American star Jennifer Lawrence's black dress at the Red Sparrow movie promo, which has courted controversy, is very similar to the headline-grabbing gown British actress Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994. You ROCK! I would have bloody done the same if I would fit into one!

Many critics presumed that Lawrence had not chosen the outfit herself, implying that it represented persisting gender inequality in Hollywood.

Speaking to Ronan Keating on Magic FM, J-Law went on to say that she had spoken to Joanna backstage about how the Bafta host would introduce her to the stage.

She said: "I emailed her and said to her if you want to come over to my hotel and punch me in the face before we go to lunch that's fine".

Jennifer Lawrence Is More Than Happy To Freeze For Fashion Okay

'I was at the Baftas for 15 minutes and offended England'.

"Wow. I don't really know where to get started on this "Jennifer Lawrence wearing a revealing dress in the cold" controversy", the actress said, sharing her opinion on the Versace dress drama in a wordy Facebook post. I would have stood in the snow for that dress because I love fashion and that was my choice,"Lawrence said".

Joanna, 71, was apparently completely unaware the Hunger Games star's actions had drawn criticism - as she doesn't spend any time online.

Co-star Joel Edgerton said the "body-shaming and outfit-shaming" was "really disappointing", per Yahoo.

Jennifer has since revealed that her apparent rudeness was a continuation of an inside joke the duo had been sharing backstage, but told United Kingdom breakfast show host Lorraine Kelly that she apologized unreservedly to Joanna over the incident anyway.



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