Jason Kelce's Super Bowl Parade Speech is One for the Ages

Getty Images Eagles quarterback Nick Foles enjoyed a trip to Disney World after winning MVP honors at Super Bowl LII

Given the possibility that New England could have personnel in the stadium watching Philadelphia practice, it appears the Eagles took active measures to safeguard their game plan from prying eyes.

According to Gotham Chopra, the filmmaker behind "Tom vs. Time," the delay has to do with the fact that the sixth part of the documentary was going to revolve around the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, and since that didn't happen, that created some chaos for the production team. There's been a lot of criticism over how the new Super Bowl Champions and their fans have gone about making sure people know who's the top dog now, but they can only hope and pray that this opportunity can be repeated next year or sometime soon, otherwise they'll be subscribing to the Super Bowl curse that's been so prevalent throughout the years. This past week audio has been released that it was ultimately Nick Foles' decision to give this play a try and speaking on the behalf of all Eagles fans across the world nobody cares whose idea it was.

Lovato also said that the Eagles were careful not to run the now-famous "Philly Special" while in Minnesota, in case any Patriots prying eyes caught wind of the trick play they were keeping in their pocket. After the game, numerous callers into local Philadelphia radio shows argued that the Eagles beat the Patriots despite they're spying, citing how the two teams ran almost identical trick plays as evidence. It's embarrassing. That should be priority one in the offseason. "Make them understand if they do that in Center City, we're going to lose everything".

#JimmyVerdict: I don't think the Eagles will get blown away by some insane offer, and I think Foles will stay. "I guess we better get out there and grease up those light poles again". "I mean, it would've been a big play, so I was just trying to get in his head a little bit". But I am also reminded why the guy is the GOAT and it's all gonna be OK. Why Foles? Their new offensive coodinator John DeFilippo was Foles quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia last season. The backfield of Carson Wentz and Jay Ajayi has room to grow together, and the team still has a first-round talent in Sidney Jones stowed away from past year to bolster the ranks.



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