Instagram now ALERTS people when YOU take a screenshot, just like SnapChat

Instagram now ALERTS people when YOU take a screenshot, just like SnapChat

Basically, Instagram Stories is the exact same feature as was seen earlier on Snapchats where it was called as Snap.

Also, we have known that some of the Instagram users have been taking screenshots of the Stories posted by others and publishing or sharing it with other so that they can watch it anytime. The test has yet to appear for all users.

Instagram is now testing a feature that identifies users who take screenshots of public Instagram Stories.

As seen in the tweets above, some users indicated they had switched from Snapchat to Instagram because they wanted to get away from screenshotting alerts.

Since the feature is now on testing phase, only users that are part of the test are able to have a sneak peek of it. With this new feature, a circle shutter icon will display next to the name of the account that has screen grabbed your content. Story owners otherwise won't be alerted when someone takes a screenshot - they can only tell after manually checking the "seen by" list. Any screenshot of a direct message would send an alert to the sender; however, a screenshot of the story would just result in an icon being placed next to the person's name who took a screenshot in the viewer analytics tab.

Understandably, this feature is introduced for privacy reasons as there were cases where the screenshots from Instagram Stories were misused by people.

The new feature is very similar to SnapChat, which has warned users when others try to screenshot their photos and videos since its inception.

If your smartphone is set to Aeroplane Mode when you take the screenshot, you'll be able to bypass the warning. Alternatively, you can resort to a dedicated third-party app, like Story Reposter that will perform the same trick.