Huawei accused of canvassing fake reviews for the Mate 10 Pro

Huawei accused of canvassing fake reviews for the Mate 10 Pro

Following that post, the Mate 10 Pro racked up more than 100 Best Buy reviews. While the decision of publishing "fake reviews" is entirely on the reader, it becomes a little hard to refuse the request if you are given the chance to become a beta-tester of the Mate 10 Pro. Most of the companies do promote the unique features of their upcoming devices & decide for beta testers for their phones, but Huawei has not limited itself to this.

Unfortunately for Huawei, Best Buy appears to have pulled the fake reviews for now, and the notoreity certainly isn't going to help it sell the Mate 10 Pro.

Now Huawei wants to attract the customers by asking people to write a fake positive review for the un-released Huawei Mate 10 pro phone. That completely derailed Huawei's 2018 roadmap, leaving the company with a bunch of U.S. inventory and adverts, but without the support of the wireless carriers that traditionally sell 85% of the smartphones to consumers. Well, for one, you should probably never trust Best Buy reviews ever again, assuming you did previously.

Huawei accused of canvassing fake reviews for the Mate 10 Pro

Currently, the handset is only available to pre order, but the company has been accused of, effectively, paying people to create some hype around the device by gaming online reviews. "I have an iPhone X, but I will switch to Huawei m10!" However, they were told to post that statement in the review section of the Mate 10 Pro pre-order page on Best Buy's website. The phone has industrial design that's on par with Samsung or Apple, and the performance is best-in-class. Now, it's even more affordable: several retailers are offering pretty good deals on Huawei's latest flagship. The so-called competition has already ended, however, with Huawei announcing that it has chosen nine participants in the said beta program.

We've reached out to Huawei, and the company spokesperson replied, explaining that there were two different campaigns in motion at the same time.

"Huawei's first priority is always the consumer and we encourage our customers to share their experiences with our devices in their own voice and through authentic conversation", Huawei wrote. "But it is unlikely that the user actually got their hands on the phone", Huawei responded. While there are reviews from beta testers with extensive knowledge of the product, they were in no way given monetary benefits for providing their honest opinions of the product. They aren't reviews. They are spam-filled fake 5-star comments made by Huawei fans looking to score a free phone.



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