How George Lucas Helped Out On Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo A Star Wars Story hit the big screen this year

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now scheduled to be released on May 25, 2018.

As part of its Solo: A Star Wars Story coverage, Entertainment Weekly has been chatting to director Ron Howard about his work on the Anthology movie, with Howard revealing that his old pal George Lucas paid a visit to the set, and actually ended up contributing to a scene.

Almost two months in theaters, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is climbing box office charts, but has a long road to become the top moneymaker in the "Star Wars" franchise begun by George Lucas four decades ago.

"As Han says, 'Don't tell me the percentages.' Never tell me the percentages.' I don't really want to explain it". I hope fans won't even think about how the movie was made. I'm working on a script.' And I said, "Well, what is it?' And he said, 'Oh, it's a little bit like Flash Gordon, but it's not Flash Gordon, but I liked those movies when I was a kid and those comics and things'". At graduate school she studied library science, which first led her to a job as an archivist at the Jim Henson Company, but eventually she assumed the role of Lucasfilm's official collections and exhibitions archivist, which basically means she gets to take care of all the props and costumes that have appeared in all the Star Wars movies.

"He said, 'But, you know, it has, like, the grandeur of 2001, and the realism of those special effects that Kubrick created".

We were all pretty shocked when we heard that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been fired from directing Solo: A Star Wars Story, after they were already three-quarters of the way through principal photography.

This had pundits questioning how much of the film Howard has redone - following talk Lord and Miller were axed because they strayed too far from Lucasfilm's vision of the instalment.

"Tell them I told you everything you needed to know, and that you can't tell anyone", Fold reportedly said.

So it's basically "Use the Force, Ron". There's even one little moment in a scene that - I can't tell you what, sorry - but in the scene on the Millennium Falcon where George said, 'Why doesn't Han just do this'.

No matter how far removed George Lucas has become from Star Wars, he still can't help but play with these toys he created back in the 1970s.

It actually is a amusing little bit that will probably get a laugh. These are really great guys and you know, nobody wanted this to happen. "I think audiences are gonna feel that love and excitement".



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