Harvey Weinstein sued by NY attorney general for civil rights violations

Harvey Weinstein sued by NY attorney general for civil rights violations

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued the Weinstein Company Sunday, detailing new allegations against Harvey Weinstein and throwing an expected sale of the company into limbo.

The Attorney General's lawsuit alleges that company executives and board members repeatedly failed to protect employees from their then-CEO's unrelenting sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. Weinstein was sacked by the company on October 8 following an expose detailing allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

While the attorney general's investigation continues, the suit has been filed because Schneiderman's office is concerned that the sale of The Weinstein Company would leave victims without a way to get compensation for possible wrongdoing.

"To work for Harvey Weinstein was to work under a persistent barrage of gender-based obscenities, vulgar name-calling, sexualized interactions, threats of violence, and a workplace generally hostile to women", the suit claims.

The company was set to be purchased by an investment group led by Maria Contreras-Sweet, former Administrator of the Small Business Administration, for $500 million. Movie mogul Harvey Weinisten left his company amid allegations of sexual misconduct - which he has denied. Some members were flown in from London to NY to teach assistants how to dress and smell more attractive to the executive. This compelled service "demeaned and humiliated them, contributing to the hostile work environment", the complaint says. At one point, Schneiderman alleges that Harvey fired a male assistant for being "just a fucking faggot boy, a stupid fucking faggot boy". These female employees were supposed to help his company produce films and television projects.



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