Haiti suspends Oxfam operations pending sex scandal probe

Mark Goldring issued a groveling apology for downplaying the charity's scandal by saying that it was'not like we murdered babies in their cots

Fleurant said the suspension was ordered due to "serious failings" by Oxfam Great Britain between 2010 and 2011, and that a definitive decision on its ability to operate in Haiti would be made in two months following a review of the evidence.

Haiti has suspended Oxfam operations, as it investigates claims of sexual misconduct by charity staff in the aftermath of the 2010 natural disaster.

'These reprehensible acts, alleged crimes, acknowledged by the perpetrators as well as the NGO, are a serious violation of the dignity of the Haitian people, ' a government statement said.

Aviol Fleurant, Haiti's minister of planning and external cooperation, said the country is investigating whether anyone from Oxfam sexually abused minors.

An Oxfam report released Monday into the behavior of aid workers sent to Haiti revealed seven of them were accused of using prostitutes at an Oxfam-funded home and three of them physically threatened a witness in the investigation.

According to Sky news, Oxfam's global executive director Winnie Byanyima has also apologised, calling the scandal "shameful".

Oxfam is facing claims its workers in Haiti used prostitutes in the wake of the 2010 earthquake
Oxfam is facing claims its workers in Haiti used prostitutes in the wake of the 2010 earthquake

Allegations of misconduct surfaced through media investigations and an internal Oxfam report.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has suggested Oxfam may have "deliberately" misled over the Haiti allegations in order to try and protect their reputation.

Earlier this week, the charity said that it is investigating 26 new cases of sexual misconduct that had been reported since the scandal broke earlier this month over its handling of a 2011 case in Haiti.

It has emerged that 7,000 people have pulled their donations to Oxfam in the wake of the scandal.

He apologised "wholeheartedly" on behalf of Oxfam to the committee, which said it would conduct its own inquiry into abuses in the foreign aid sector.

Meanwhile, a senior UNICEF figure quit the organisation after he admitted "some personal mistakes" towards three women in a previous role.



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