Google might finally make its messaging app more like Apple's iMessage

The new version of the app would be rolled out as ‘Messages for web

The next update will add payments for businesses and more Google-enhanced chat features.

Google is planning to launch a web version for Android messages finally, making it easier to receive SMS on your computer and respond immediately.

Prompts asking a user to enable "chat features" that include messaging over Wi-Fi and high-quality photo sharing, all of which is powered by Google are also present in the code. It's only one of the updates released after learning Google Duo would be integrated with Android Messages and the time update stopped notifications for some users.

The name of the feature is "Messages for Web", multiple users are already excited about this new feature and a number of computers will be able to connect with this service easily. Up until this point, carriers had to provide some of the support for using RCS in order for you to get access to those features in Android Messages. You head to the official website on any browser as it is created to support all major browsers on launch and scan the QR code in order to gain access. Now it is unclear if Android Messages will allow you to replace the network carrier with another provider, but it appears that the app will itself offer some chat features. The code also suggests that multiple browsers will be supported, in fact, support for multiple computers is also on the cards. It sounds like the feature would support a wide range of browsers, as XDA found references to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Perhaps the most important addition that will make a lot of people happy is the possibility of rolling out Rich Communication Services (RCS), a protocol that was devised to succeed SMS. Upon pairing, a notification reading "Connected to desktop" will also be shown.

Africanews free app allows Android device users to access the latest Pan-African and worldwide news everywhere, anytime. These are awesome features and the beauty of it is that they can work on Wi-Fi instead of cellular. Android Messages supports RCS by default, but RCS adoption has been slow among the telecom operators.

Messages for Web isn't the only new feature that Google is working on. Though the support for sending money to friends was rolled out for Google Wallet in November past year, it was not convenient for business purposes.



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