Giants put in the work to 'Dirty Dancing'

Giants put in the work to 'Dirty Dancing'

The Giants stars were featured in an National Football League commercial that aired in between the third and fourth quarters of Super Bowl LII.

The NFL ad begins with Manning throwing a pass to Beckham, who catches it in the end zone.

"The NFL, which used to penalize touchdown celebrations, instead celebrated them in the 60-second spot set to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

Manning almost perfectly mimicked Patrick Swayze's subtle footwork and hip undulations while Beckham portrayed a stunningly accurate version of Jennifer Grey, right down to the exact moment of the climatic swan-like lift. Manning then turns and motions to Beckham rejoin the dance, and Beckham Jr. runs and leaps into Manning's arms as the Giants quarterback lifts him up in a ballet-style move.

One of the best parts may have been that little laugh that Beckham did before the lift, just like Grey did.

The ad ended with the tagline "To all the touchdowns to come".

Twitter immediately went insane after the ad aired.



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