Even House Dems wonder: What was the point of the Pelosi filibuster?

Nancy Pelosi Delivers Recording Breaking 8 Hour Marathon Speech On DACA

If Pelosi's stunt forces centrists to cover their political backsides and the budget deal fails for lack of Democratic support, suddenly Schumer and his very vulnerable colleagues in red states will get hammered over yet another shutdown on behalf of illegal immigrants.

"I'm just telling people why I'm voting the way I'm voting", she told reporters in the Capitol, just hours before federal funding expires.

Throughout her extended speech, Pelosi offered trenchant, poignant anecdotes about young dreamers, as well as some random tangents, because how can anyone go for 7 hours without occasionally drifting into incoherence?

"I'm going to take everything she says at face value", said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.

Republican leader John Boehner made news in 2009 when he spoke for more an hour against a climate change bill.

The speech, which began around 10 am, told the stories of those protected under the DACA act, which President Trump has repeatedly fought against.

"No, I think that we aren't using all the leverage we have and that's a disappointment and I won't support it", she said. Pelosi insisted that she would keep talking until Paul Ryan agreed to schedule a vote on a DACA compromise and would block any attempt to pass a budget until he did.

The six-week stopgap spending bill contains increases for the military that long have been demanded by Trump and his Republican allies. That raises anew the possibility of a government shutdown at midnight Thursday.

The budget agreement would extend government spending through March 23, allowing appropriators to work on a longer-term omnibus package through the remainder of the fiscal year.

They've been enriched.by the greatness of our country. Business Insider's Joe Perticone reports that Pelosi and her team aren't whipping against the budget vote despite her rhetoric yesterday.

The temporary funding measure would also reauthorize funding for community health centres, which enjoy widespread bipartisan support. "We will be joining primaries this year and we will primary Democrats who did not have the spine or the courage to stand up for our undocumented family".

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi of California had linked progress on the budget with action to address the immigration program, but other Democrats are beginning to agitate for de-linking the two, lest the opportunity for a budget pact be lost.



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