Diddy 'proud' of Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl show

Justin Timberlake performs during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl 52 football game Sunday Feb. 4 2018 in Minneapolis

Rather, Timberlake simply performed a cover of "I Would Die 4 U" while a vision of Prince projected in the background.

Timberlake also ran into the crowd to dance and pose for photos, in an unfailingly energetic appearance.

Justin Timberlake got the expected Super Bowl halftime bump - and that was just on Super Bowl Sunday.

To recall the incident, at the end of them performing "Rock Your Body", Timberlake ripped off a piece of Jackson's top to expose her entire right breast on national TV. Timberlake believes that Prince was "the pinnacle of musicianship", which made his tribute to the "Purple Rain" legend a career milestone. The last time Timberlake took the stage during a halftime show was in 2004.

He did, however, "sing" with Prince - a controversial move for many. Why?

Although riddled with debate and controversy, Timberlake emerged unscathed from any awful incidents.

I was confused when the first single, "Filthy", came out.

Lowe asked if Timberlake and Jackson had resolved that event between the two of them, to which the "Cry Me A River" singer confirmed that they "absolutely" had.

Regardless, the Man of the Woods singer's tribute to Prince sparked controversy before it even happened when it was initially reported that a hologram of Prince would be used during the performance. The hometown tribute was to Prince's classic "I Would Die 4 U".

However, rumours that Timberlake would introduce a hologram of the pop icon turned out to be false. Even his closing songs "Mirrors" and "Can't Stop the Feeling!".

It looked like JT would have an wonderful, career-changing experience but instead, he received a lot of criticism following his Super Bowl performance.

And his fans seem to know their idol well and are taking Timberlake's action as a sort of continuation of a rivalry between the two musicians.

But it ended well - with Timberlake posing for a selfie with the youngster, instantly making him a star.

Instead of having a big introduction before Timberlake's performance, like some previous artists have done, Timberlake followed in the footsteps of Beyoncé in having a Pepsi commercial beforehand.

Timberlake brought himself back to his roots for this performance.

Timberlake is an undeniable entertainer, but has more recently shined greater on stages like "Saturday Night Live" than in concert venues.

I repeat: Rihanna got DJ Khaled to the Grammys. It's the exact reason Adele, arguably the best singer on the planet, said she will never play the thing; it's not a good fit for her particular talents.



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