'Deeply sorry' Barnaby Joyce issues public apology outside Parliament House

'Deeply sorry' Barnaby Joyce issues public apology outside Parliament House

AMID speculation on the future political career of Barnaby Joyce following his media conference in Canberra this morning, some are suggesting Member for Dawson George Christensen could be the next deputy prime minister.

Nationals leader and deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will reportedly make a statement today fighting to keep his job and rejecting allegations that he pinched a woman's backside.

Brad Hunter claims he took a selfie with Joyce and his now partner Vicki Campion at an Armidale pub in 2016, which has since been used by The Daily Telegraph in its recent coverage of the couple's affair without his permission, according to ABC News.

"I realised as soon as I did my maiden speech my values were most aligned to the Liberals, I must say I liked Robert Menzies, his policies were very applicable. even today", she said on Miranda Live.

Then there have been occasions where an office affair has turned sour and ultimately led to legal action and/or claims of unfair dismissal, such as the high-profile case involving Seven West Media's CEO Tim Worner in 2017 who had an affair with his now former executive assistant Amber Harrison.

He again publically apologised to his family and voters and confirmed "without a shadow of a doubt" that he and Ms Campion were now in a relationship.

The prime minister also continued to insist that Campion was not Joyce's partner, noting that the ministerial code didn't define the term.

Senator Reynolds said other section 44 issues the bi-partisan committee was investigating were the forced resignation of public sector workers when elected and the difficulties faced by people who were adopted, from the Stolen Generation or had family who had fled war in satisfying the constitution.

Joyce is furious at the way his marriage collapse, his new relationship, and other intensely personal matters, have been laid bare, including unsubstantiated rumours he says are false and being maliciously peddled by enemies.

Mr Joyce's office yesterday refused to answer questions about the travel allowance, which was used on several occasions for his now-estranged wife Natalie Joyce. "And Damian Drum was not a minister". I understand that this has been going on for many months and started when she was a paid employee.

Joyce said in the statement that at this time he tried to make his marriage work and that at that point Campion was not his partner, which is why he felt no need to talk to the prime minister about the situation.

Claims made under parliamentary entitlements from January to September previous year show that more than $10,000 was spent on family travel, which is allowed so that MPs can "balance their work and family responsibilities".

When pressed on the allegations of infidelity surrounding the Deputy PM, the new senator told Devine she'd "hope and pray for the Joyce family". "I want to take about policy difference, not personal lives".

In text messages between Clements and Cray seen by both News Corp and Fairfax Media, Clements claims Joyce was in "full flight" and "worse than drunk at a nightclub".

The outspoken member of Parliament was elected in 2010 and has been a member of the Nationals since 1993.

He added that it was "vitally important" in differentiating between the public and the private.



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