Coast Guard rescues fisherman having chest pains 90 miles off Jersey Shore

Coast Guard rescues fisherman having chest pains 90 miles off Jersey Shore

The false distress calls date back to January 3, according to the Coast Guard, which reports that the male caller communicates "Mayday" repeatedly through VHF-FM radio transmissions.

The Coast Guard has announced that they are suspending their search for a possible mariner in distress near Buzzards Bay.

Coast Guard officials say that cutter will search until noon and will be joined by another cutter from Long Island around 6 a.m. Thursday.

The search covered a total 767 square nautical miles and included Coast Guard, state, and local responders.

The Coast Guard is also searching for a fishing vessel in distress approximately 40-miles off the coast of Barnegat, New Jersey, Thursday.

The muffled sounds of a cry for help, sending the Coast Guard into action near Buzzards Bay at around 8:30 last night.

Twenty minutes later, the third mayday came in but the Coast Guard couldn't get in touch with the boater and no other information was given with the distress call, making it hard for searchers to pinpoint a location.

"The crew of this fishing boat did the right thing by reaching out to us when a medical emergency began", said Lt. James Fennessey, the pilot.

One Coast Guard rescue mission went off without a hitch while hope is dwindling for the lost crew of another fishing boat that is the focus of another, increasingly desperate search mission.

Weather conditions on Wednesday night added another obstacle, but crews were able to add more resources to the search Thursday.



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