Chloe Kim and the Undeniable Power of Breakfast Sandwiches

Chloe Kim and the Undeniable Power of Breakfast Sandwiches

Heading into her third and final shot at a medal, the scores posted on the board in front of Gold were daunting, with the best riders in the world, including Liu Jiayu of China, as well as us teammates Chloe Kim and Kelly Clark with an iron grip on the top three spots in this competition.

Already sizeable before she headed out to PyeongChang, the U.S. rider's Korean fan club has been growing fast since the start of the Games, with the host nation's media also embracing her and devoting as much attention to her as to many of their own athletes.

"My parents taught me Korean songs that I don't know any more", she said. Among the handful of relatives who live there is Chloe's grandma, who has been known to brag about her high-flying granddaughter if, say, she's out to tea with her friends and a picture of Chloe happens to appear in the newspaper, which happens fairly often. "I worked so hard on my eyeliner!'" Kim said. "I think today I did it for my family and I am so grateful to them".

First, she explained exactly how she got so hangry before the halfpipe final.

Kim's also been featured in Teen Vogue's icon issue, and made Forbes' most recent list of the 30-Under-30 sports figures. When I walked up to Gold late last week to inquire about her Olympic dreams, she insisted on asking me a question before starting our conversation about snowboarding. She qualified for the Sochi Olympics in 2014, but was too young.

Kelly Clark, a five-time Olympian regarded as the greatest snowboarder ever, followed Gold with her best run of the contest, an 83.5 that left her just shy of her fourth Olympic podium. "But not all children bring results, but I'm so thankful that my daughter did it".

Kim's parents both migrated to the United States from South Korea, where their daughter made her Olympic debut in a cause for celebration in both countries. He met his wife, Boran, in Switzerland.

Chloe Kim has mentioned in interviews that she often listens to CL's music and dances to it before she competes.

Minutes before learning she'd won, Kim took out her phone and sent a tweet to her 196,000 followers.

"Crazy. Quite a mission", Chloe recalled. Home-schooling and 2 a.m. wake-up calls became routine.

The California native is now the darling of the Winter Olympics.

She beat German teammate Dajana Eitberger and Alex Gough, who took bronze to give Canada its first Olympic luge medal. "She waited four", Jong told me past year, foreshadowing Tuesday's competition. Two: She has an incredible personality.

After her win, though, Kim said she was starving: "I really want like a burger and some fries, maybe some Hawaiian pizza". "Talent can get you only so far. It doesn't matter who you are, as long as you put in the effort", Sam said.



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