Canadian Olympian allegedly steals vehicle in PyeongChang

A Canadian athlete his wife and his manager allegedly stole a car and reportedly drove it drunk back to athletes village

Part of Canada's team has reportedly gotten into some trouble.

A Canadian ski cross racer and another Canadian were arrested and detained for drunk driving and stealing a vehicle at the Pyeongchang Olympics, according to local police.

Duncan, 35, his wife Maja, 32, and Ski Cross High Performance Director Willy Raine, 48, were accused of taking a vehicle outside a bar just after midnight Saturday and driving it near the Pyeongchang athletes village, CBC reported. Not only that, it was also reported that when the Gangwon Provincial Police Agency interrogated them they had a blood-alcohol level of.160 and they said they were cold.

The CBC is reporting that Duncan was not behind the wheel.

One of the people in the vehicle was passed out when arrested, he said.

All three were intoxicated when they were stopped, the police said. I have let my teammates, friends and my family down.

According to multiple reports, a red Hummer was allegedly stolen by a Canadian athlete, his manager and the athlete's wife Friday night. All three have been released but are restricted from leaving South Korea, where drunk driving can result in a prison sentence of up to three years.

Duncan, of London, Ont., competed in the ski cross competition on Wednesday, where he finished eighth overall. The legal limit in South Korea is 0.05 per cent.

CTV News' Genevieve Beauchemin says there are many questions about how the trio found themselves outside a bar with no means of transportation back to the athletes' village. Per the CBC, that athlete was freestyle skier Dave Duncan.



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