Boston police laud white basketball coach for Black History Month

A Boston police cruiser

The Boston Police Department sent out a Black History Month tweet in honor of Celtics Coach "Red" Auerbach.

The department deleted the tweet about an hour later and issued an apology on its Twitter account. "Our intentions were never to offend", the department said in a later tweet, which was followed by another honoring Celtics' great Bill Russell, the NBA's first black head coach.

Former Boston city councilor Tito Jackson was among the legions who decried the Boston PD's tweet.

The BPD was quick to pull the tweet down and apologize for the offending move.

The BPD released a tweet Monday morning apologizing for the earlier post, and followed up with a statement from Police Commissioner William B. Evans.

It didn't take long for the department to receive backlash over the posting, and not just from the general public.

Yet today, the Boston Police Department has chosen to denigrate that heritage by praising the accomplishments of a white male exclusively because he hired a Black man.

The tweet also honored Auerbach for fielding "an all African-American starting five in 1964 and [hiring] the league's 1st African-American head coach (Bill Russell) in 1966", according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

Trump made his remarks at a reception at the White House for African American history month.

The pushback to the tweet was swift, with many people saying the post was tone-deaf, inappropriate, and missed the point of Black History Month.

But many were critical of the choice to honor Auerbach rather than the individuals who were part of those "firsts". People called the initial tweet "embarrassing" and "tone deaf".



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