Apple's HomePod Comes With An Extortionate Repair Bill

Apple's HomePod Comes With An Extortionate Repair Bill

It must be noted that HomePods are not meant to be put on a soft surface because of its down firing tweeters.

Apple most likely went through these reports and has updated the support page.

APPLE HAS SHRUGGED OFF CLAIMS that its HomePod speaker is leaving an unsightly white ring on wooden furniture. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed the issue and offered a partial remedy.

If you're thinking of buying a £319/$349 HomePod as a hub for your smart home or office, here are some of the HomeKit-compatible devices you'll be able to control. However, it looks like the issues haven't ended yet for the company.

Apple says if you move the speaker, the marks will often "go away" after a few days.

The silicone pad on the bottom of Apple's expensive new smart speaker is leaving unsightly white rings on wooden surfaces. If not, Apple recommends "cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method".

The website's founder, Stuart Miles, told the BBC that a speaker left a mark on his kitchen worktop within 20 minutes.

Apple's support pages put repairing the HomePod at a hefty £268.44, which is £70 more than a single Sonos One, and nearly the cost of three Amazon Echo speakers.

Apparently the silicone base of the HomePod is causing these stains to form on wooden furniture. Instead, it is asking users to keep the HomePod on a different surface. The result is that the HomePod can dynamically tweak its playback on the fly based not only on the song you're listening to but also on the dimensions of the room.

It is not yet clear if the problem affects all HomePod speakers or just a sample of the initial production run.

Because it's controlled entirely through Apple's Home app, HomePod connects to HomeKit and relies on a functional HomeKit setup to function properly.

The company also released what might be the only "how to clean your smart speaker" support page in existence (because you shouldn't need instructions for that).



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