Apple Posts HomePod Help Page Ahead of First Deliveries

HomePod and report card

By contrast, the assistants in three other smart speakers that we've tried at the CRN Test Center-Alexa in the Amazon Echo, Google Assistant in the Google Home, and Cortana in the Harman Kardon Invoke-are adept at managing calendars.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the HomePod at a keynote address in June 2017, saying that it would "reinvent home music". You don't have to manually tune it, as, say, with the Sonos One.

"Hello Apple, Something About Us, Together, Feels Right, Even Though, You're Crazy, For This, Home, Pod, Remember, Two Is Better Than One, Just Playing (Dreams), It's a Party, Everybody's Coming to My House, Even You, Come As You Are, Fruit Machine, No Matter What You're Told, We're Going to Be Friends, Over Everything". Paired with Apple Music, the HomePod is created to provide you with some serious sound quality - no matter where it's located in your actual home.

Apple's newest product, a smart speaker called HomePod, hit stores today and the reviews are generally positive.

In a way, sending this tweet with a Spotify playlist was like baking a sugar-dripping birthday cake for a diabetic.

The Verge's Nilay Patel describes the HomePod as a "lonely" piece of technology, asking whether "beautiful sound quality [is] worth locking yourself even more tightly into a walled garden" of Apple's services.

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home allow you to set Spotify or Pandora as their default music streaming service. The question is: will hardcore music fans embrace voice control the way more casual fans have?

This year, 30 million people in the USA will use an Amazon Echo, according to eMarketer, which projected overall voice-enabled smart speak share at 68% for Amazon Echo and 25% for Google Home.

Besides Apple Music ($9.99 per month), you can have Siri play music you've purchased through iTunes, but unless you also subscribe to iTunes Match ($24.99 a year), not the songs in your library that you may have ripped off CDs way back when or imported from some other source. Siri can't help you with that.

Apple typically begins selling new products at midnight in its local time zone - Pacific Time. You can't ask Siri to make a phone call.

Google Home Max launched this week. At times, not only did HomePod respond, but so did Siri on my nearby iPhone. Your iPhone or iPad will need to be connected to Wi-Fi and have Bluetooth enabled. "Whenever I asked HomePod to 'play some music, ' it never played music that was relevant to my preferences or listening history", he wrote, even though Apple has claimed that HomePod will excel at learning user's musical tastes.

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