Apple and Facebook work out news subscription deal

Apple and Facebook work out news subscription deal

Mosseri stated that Facebook was happy to take a point of view on certain subjects if it meant "leaning into quality news", as well as pushing local media to the forefront along with "broadly trusted publishers". In addition to being a destination for people seeking out news videos, the section will also serve as an opportunity for Facebook to highlight coverage of breaking news events, she said.

Facebook has been running the same tests on Android since October previous year. Meanwhile, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he wants to focus on meaningful interactions on the site, meaning engagement between family and friends. "If anyone feels this isn't the right platform for them, they should not be on Facebook", she was quoted as saying. Facebook reportedly wanted all of the profits to go to the publishers. "This is us changing our relationship with publishers and emphasizing something that Facebook has never done before".

Adam Mosseri, head of Facebook's news feed product who sat alongside Brown during the interview, said "Instant Articles will be more useful for small publishers" while the revamp overall would mean "meaningful downward pressure in the months ahead for publishers" and their distribution.

Brown had more details to share about another way that Facebook is looking to help publishers make money. The meter, now being tested with a handful of publishers, is now set at five. The on-demand video platform launched previous year, and unlike Facebook Live, which lets anyone broadcast videos, it specializes in original content produced by partners. "We are, the first time in the history of Facebook, taking a step to try to define what quality news looks like and give that a boost". Given the wave of criticism over Facebook's handling of the fake news phenomenon, it's clearly an attempt to reframe the place news content has on its platform.

Brown later acknowledged that changes to News Feed can cause constant fluctuations in publishers' businesses.

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