Angus the dog denied a chance to run for Kansas governor

All Angus Woolley wanted was to be the top dog in the Kansas governor’s race

Woolley said after reading through some bylaws and requirements for Kansas governor, he realized his dog really could run for office.

"A dog will not be allowed to file and put its name on the ballot", said Bryan Caskey, director of elections for the Kansas Secretary of State's Office. "I also saw reports of people saying that cats and dogs could run", he added, in a comment that would surely have been appreciated by Angus.

Unfortunately for Angus and his political ambitions, it seems that Kansas isn't exactly ready for a governor of a different species.

"I thought, 'Hey, why not Angus?"

The 2018 election had already garnered national attention when six teenaged boys filed to run for Kansas's top office.

Angus is a hunting dog of the wire-haired vizsla breed. "I basically said I'd have to get him [Angus] a gun, he'll have to be anti-abortion and a staunch conservative, even though he'll cut taxes and spend more money than any governor ever". WDRB 41 Louisville News reported that Brynn became the town's fourth consecutive dog mayor.

With paperwork filed, a furry, four-legged candidate is entering the Kansas governor's race.

"If you are an adult in the eyes of government at age 18, you can serve in the military, you can do just about anything you want", Republican Representative Blake Carpenter, who introduced the bill, told the Kansas City Star.

Caskey may have brought the dog's application upon himself when he told the Star that he was unsure of how the state would handle a non-human candidate trying to run for office.

Right now, "Angus is feeling dejected", Woolley said.

"He is a little heartbroken and a little relieved because he doesn't have to go to all those pointless debates", Woolley said by telephone.



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