American Erin Sweeney Crashes in Her Final Luge Run

Sue Sweeney center the mother of Emily Sweeney of the United States cries out as her daughter crashes on the final run during the women's luge final

American Emily Sweeney crashed in her final run at the 2018 Winter Olympics, knocking her out of the competition.

While she lay unmoved on the ice for some time as her understandably anxious parents watched on, she was eventually cleared by medical staff and walked away.

The team doctor said Sweeney, 24, suffered bumps and bruises and no broken bones.

"I'm going to go get an X-ray on my back after this, but I wanted to have the last word". Sweeney was rounding the infamously hard Curve 9 on the track when she began to speed back and forth out of control-at about 60 miles per hour.

"I know I have a lot of support and I'm sorry that's how it ended".

Officials stopped competition while medical personnel entered the track to tend to Sweeney, who remained prone before walking off the ice to applause from the crowd and her competitors. But here were are.

"Curve 9 is extremely challenging, and the people that can [handle it] four times, will have the best shot at an Olympic medal". "It's pretty crushing", she said after the crash.

The crash came on the treacherous stretch of the course from Turn 12 to Turn 9, where multiple athletes have faltered on this course.

Germany's Natalie Geisenberger won the gold model, while American Erin Hamlin finished in sixth place. She walked through the mixed zone unsteadily, but told reporters, "I'm okay". According to the Associated Press, track workers tweaked the curve in the past year to make it a little more manageable.



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