Alliance with Rajini unlikely if he acquires saffron hue: Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan Follows Rajinikanth But Takes Jibe At Him

Kamal Haasan, who on January 17 confirmed that he would be setting up his own political party, spoke on people's right to express and his dream to create a "corruption-free Tamil Nadu" and the prospect of allying with his contemporary Rajinikanth at the Harvard University on Saturday. Speaking to reporters after an event on Sunday, Vijayakanth said, "May be in cinema they are my seniors, but in politics and starting a political party, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are my juniors".

Haasan, who had recently announced his foray into the electoral politics, said that his "true objective today is to challenge the status quo and mediocrity in politics, that is plaguing the state of Tamil Nadu".

He boarded a Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) bus at Alandur and travelled up to Pallavaram, a distance of nearly 10 kilometres. "I second it." Both the actors-turned-politicians shared the stage at the event raising speculations over a possible alliance. In response to a question, he also hinted that an alliance with Rajinikanth is unlikely "if his colour is saffron".

"On February 21 as I embark on my political journey, I am announcing a plan to adopt one village in every district of Tamil Nadu with the vision and aspiration for them to be "the best villages ever in India and later why not in the world", he further said in his key note address. Haasan said Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party head Arvind Kejriwal had met him in Chennai and offered an alliance with his party.

In his keynote address, Haasan rued that there is status quo and mediocrity in Tamil Nadu.

Kamal opened his discourse stating that he comes from Tamil Nadu which boasts of the oldest language, rich in cultural heritage, pioneer of architecture and worldwide commerce, upholder of social justice and other innumerable achievements. He thinks that all is not well with his home state Tamil Nadu at present.

The film actor quoted Mahatma Gandhi's idea of a self-reliant and self-sustainable village. "I do not know about jihad, but love would triumph hate".



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