After Falcon Heavy, What's Next For SpaceX?

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The long route that it is planning shows just how powerful the Falcon Heavy rocket is, and the ability to get out into the asteroid belt could be useful.

"I guess it taught me, like, insane things can come true", Musk said at a press conference after the launch.

"Wow, did you guys see that?" Musk thinks SpaceX could launch another Falcon Heavy soon following the successful demo launch.

But Musk said Tuesday that he's planning to hit NASA's latest target of launching astronauts on Crew Dragon by December.

"It can launch more than twice as much payload as any other rocket in the world, so it's kind of up to the customer what they might want to launch, but it can launch direct to Pluto and beyond", Musk said. Screams and cheers erupted at Cape Canaveral, Florida as the massive rocket fired its 27 engines and rumbled into the blue sky over the same NASA launchpad that served as a base for the United States missions to Moon four decades ago. It's meant to be able to go anywhere, from low Earth orbit to Mars, and return to Earth safely.

Rather than entering Mars' orbit, the Tesla looks to be on a path towards the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Be sure to put some headphones on for the one at the bottom from Smarter Every Day, who filmed the launch and landing with binaural 3D audio.

Before SpaceX came along, companies just discarded rockets after each mission.

Musk said the idea of launching the vehicle into space was more for fun rather than using something "really boring like a chunk of concrete" to test the payload of a new rocket. The tweets below, shared with his almost 19 million Twitter followers, gave us space fans the kinds of insights we used to only dream about. In December 2010, for instance, Musk launched a wheel of cheese into space during a test flight of the company's Falcon 9 rocket.

On board the rocket that's now headed deeper into space is Musk's personal Tesla roadster. "SLS launches larger payloads farther in our solar system, faster than ever before possible". It is now the world's most powerful rocket. "This is a test mission".

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy development cost was a fraction of that.

Money-losing Tesla's long-term viability depends on annually selling billions of dollars of Model 3s, the new sedan that starts at $35,000, about half the price of its flagship Model S. Tesla said that net reservations for the new model were stable during the fourth quarter.

If an electric auto on a spaceship wasn't any weird then the words written on the dashboard are sure to leave you puzzled.

Musk didn't seem too fussed by this, saying that SpaceX wasn't planning on reusing the third booster anyway.



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