AAP Govt to allocate max budget on education and health sector: Kejriwal

Chaotic Meeting At Kejriwal’s Residence BJP Members Walk Out

The AAP had returned to power in Delhi in 2015 with a sweeping majority, bagging 67 out of 70 Assembly seats.

Mrs Dikshit said the administration seems to have collapsed in the entire Delhi and all development activities have come to a halt.She said all the good work done by her government in her 15-year tenure was for everyone to see while the present government has not even be able to maintain that. "Development works have been stalled and today Delhi is surprised to see that in spite of its neglectful attitude during the last three years, Arvind Kejriwal is celebrating the anniversary of the government sitting in a hall", Tiwari said. "Delhi is becoming a victim of dirty politics and I am sure that in the coming days, there would be a solution for it", Kejriwal said.

Tiwari said while the condition of hospitals had deteriorated, the much-touted Mohalla clinics suffered from lack of doctors and necessary infrastructure. He said there will be one mohalla clinic within every 1 km, and treatment will be provided for free in these clinics, however, no admission will be available in these clinics. He said Delhi already has 26 polyclinics and land has been selected for 94 more. He said that the Government has also made 20 new schools and 26 new schools are in the stage of completion.

In a statement here, he said the Arvind Kejriwal government had wasted Rs 17,000 crore of public money as it failed to complete any of the schemes announced in its Budget.

Speaking to a crowd of MLAs and officers on Wednesday, Mr. Kejriwal said Delhiites had undertaken an experiment three years ago by choosing "next door neighbours" and discarding existing parties.

But the BJP and the Congress attacked Chief Minister Kejriwal, accusing his government of being indulged in corruption. He said that 14 new colleges have been opened. He said that including measures such as mega-parent-teacher meeting enhanced the quality of education in the National Capital.

Regarding women safety, the Government said that the Government will do everything possible by it to protect women.



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