66 % in Tripura can't afford a cycle: Singh corners CPI(M) government

India will retaliate a single Pakistani firing with countless bullets Rajnath Singh

Speaking to the media on Saturday night in Agartala, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Indian forces have been ordered to fire countless bullets in retaliation to any ceasefire violation by Pakistan.

"As our neighbour, we do not want to attack on Pakistan first. But most unfortunately, Pakistan is trying to tear down Jammu and Kashmir and continue attacks on our forces and Indian territory", he alleged. They are always trying to divide India or trying to create havoc in our country.

Hitting out at Pakistan, Rajnath Singh said last week that Pakistan must not misinterpret India's decency. They say that they will separate Kashmir from India.

"Various worldwide agencies after conducting surveys confirmed that BJP is the only party in India which boosts country's development in real terms. As Home Minister of India, I want to assure that if you bring BJP to power, even CPM cadre will feel safe apart from the citizens".

Mr. Singh said the people of the State were suffering from underdevelopment, unemployment and security threats, but the CPI (M)-led Left Front government had been only giving them fake assurances for years.

Tripura Assembly Elections 2018 are scheduled to be held on February 18 and the results will be declared on March 3.

Earlier, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh were referred to as "the weak and sick states of the country" but after the BJP came to power in these states, the problems have been taken care of, the Union minister claimed. "Because people of these states trust BJP and people sincerely believe that only BJP can remove their poverty and provide jobs to the youth".

Coming down heavily on the Left Front government's "non-performance", the BJP leader said the Tripura government is now providing salaries and allowances to the government employees at par with the recommendations of the 4th Pay Commission and promised if his party wins, these would be raised at par with what the 7th Pay Commission has recommended.



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