WWE Superstar Arrested For DUI This Week (Mugshot Photos)

WWE Superstar Arrested For DUI This Week (Mugshot Photos)

Stay tuned for updates on the arrest and Uso's status with WWE.

The Usos - sons of pro wrestling legend, Rikishi - are 5-time WWE tag team champions. now holding gold for the company's SmackDown brand.

Pro wrestler Joshua Samuel Fatu, better known by his stage name Jey Uso, was arrested by the Texas Department of Public Safety in Hidalgo County over the weekend for driving while intoxicated.

Uso was pulled over around 1am Saturday morning for a traffic violation.

A field sobriety test was administered, but no word on if it included a breathalyzer. "We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials".

The Usos have been in a brief feud with Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable as of late, and will be facing them in a "2 Out Of 3 Falls" Match at the "Royal Rumble".

It's such a shame because The Usos were going from strength to strength and something like this threatens to undo all the hard work they've put in. So, unfortunately if Jey is found guilty he'll have to suffer the consequences.



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