Would You Pee on Ikea's Pregnancy Test Ad for a Huge Discount?

Would You Pee on Ikea's Pregnancy Test Ad for a Huge Discount?

The ad which is running is running in Amelia magazine is brought together in association Mercene Labs that developed the tech behind it.

Ikea has hit upon a sure-fire headline generating ruse after dreaming up an unconventional crib promotion which promises discounted cribs with just one catch - pregnant mothers must pee on the advert to claim their prize. Life contains those magical, life-changing moments, and IKEA wants to be right there when they happen.

In 2012, a New York Times Magazine article sparked privacy concerns by describing big box retailer Target's attempts to use data to find out whether their customers were pregnant. If they're pregnant, a discounted price for a crib magically appears.

IKEA Sweden spokesman Magnus Jakobsson told CNBC you don't need to hand in the ad with urine on it, you simply join IKEA's Family Club. The creative ad was dreamed-up by Swedish advertising firm Ã…kestam Hols in collaboration with Mercene Labs, a technology start-up.

The next step, it seems, is to present the pee-soaked page to an employee at your local Ikea.

Genius idea from Ikea - Ad doubles as a pregnancy test. "Creating a controlled capillary action and well-balanced choice of materials were critical components to the project's success", he added.

Topping the eccentric marketing interaction is Ikea. Their 2016 ad for the furniture company was commended for featuring a divorced couple-normally a taboo subject for ad agencies.



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