WhatsApp testing new feature to block spam messages

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The Facebook-owned messaging app has lately piloted new features that visibly grant more power to group chat admins. But, that might end very soon.

When a new unknown contact sends you a message, WhatsApp already asks you if this is a spam message: if so, WhatsApp asks you to press the Report button, so that contact will be blocked by WhatsApp if they will receive a lot of reports.

According to a report by WhatsApp change-tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging service is testing a feature that will alert users when they receive a message that has been forwarded several times.

At present WhatsApp does not block the forwarding of a message forwarded more than 25 times.

The warning feature is now being tested in the beta version 2.17.430 of the app.

A similar warning is also shown displayed on a frequently forwarded message when it's received, although the feature is described as still in development and it's not clear whether WhatsApp intends to officially roll it out or not. Additionally, a user even the Web version of WhatsApp was unable to scan the QR code to log in.

Spammers can not use Broadcast Lists because recipients won't receive their messages, seen that they have not their numbers saved in the Contacts List.

Earlier, WhatsApp had advised their users against opening such spam messages, and not to click on the links.

Spammers regularly use WhatsApp to spread false claims and dubious messages. The only way that it will stay free is if you are a frequent user.

When a message is forwarded a lot of times, you can notice a label on the bubble. It also gives a larger message among its users that WhatsApp is serious about tackling fraudsters from sending out fake emails, photos and videos in order to steal highly sensitive banking and personal information. With an extremely high number of messages per minute the user will be marked as spam.

WhatsApp's spam guide advises the users to beware of messages with poor spellings and grammar or messages that request personal information. Tell the contact that the message they sent includes spam and point them to this WhatsApp safety page.

WhatsApp users will soon be able to demote annoying group chat admins, through the app's new "dismiss" feature that allows members of individual groups to recall administrators of group chats.



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