Trump touts a poll that's bad for him

A question from the Quinnipiac poll

16% give him an "A", 16% a "B", 11% at "C".

Thirty-nine percent of voters gave Trump an "F", followed by 17 percent who chose "D".

While nearly two-thirds of USA voters, 66 percent, described the nation's economy as good or excellent - the highest percentage in Quinnipiac polls going back to 2001 - nearly half of them, 49 percent, gave the credit to former President Barack Obama, while 40 percent credited Trump.

"In new Quinnipiac Poll, 66% of people feel the economy is 'Excellent or Good, '" Trump tweeted. Only 40 percent credit Trump.

According to the poll, of the 43 different words that were used at least five times by different respondents, 25 were negative, 10 were positive and 8 words were neutral, such as "interesting" or "different".

It came just days after Trump made the unexpected declaration that he is "a very stable genius" following the publication of a new book that says, among other sensational things, Trump's top advisors regularly discuss his mental health and stability, and the possibility of using a constitutional amendment to oust him from office. While almost 70 per cent of voters feel Trump is not "level headed", 53 per cent feel the president is "intelligent" compared to the 44 per cent who said he's not "intelligent" and the 28 per cent who said he's "level headed".

That same poll shows that only 37 percent of voters believe Trump's policies are helping the economy, and 49 percent say that former President Barack Obama is more responsible for the current state of the economy.

The survey of 1,106 registered voters was conducted January 5-9 with a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.



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