Trump takes immigration cues from 'Pres. Stephen Miller'

President Donald Trump's senior-most aides have played an unusually prominent role in the USA government shutdown drama, ensuring their boss struck a hard-right line on immigration and - in the eyes of some senators - hindering negotiations that may have avoided the deadlock.

Tensions are flaring between the White House and a moderate Republican senator who claimed a young Trump aide was standing in the way of a bipartisan deal on immigration reform. "Graham didn't explain how miller was wrong, he just said he was extreme and should therefore shut up", the Daily Caller co-founder said. Lindsey Graham's accusation that Miller was undermining Trump's ability to negotiate an immigration reform deal that protects so-called Dreamers.

"He's been an outlier for years, there's a deal to be had", he added. And he served as then-senator Jeff Sessions' communications director. Jeff Sessions, the current US attorney general. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin "amnesty", and slammed the two lawmakers as "dishonest" in their presentation of the plan to President Donald Trump.

Kelly was among the conservative opponents to a deal Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had proposed to Trump in a private meeting on Friday and he called Schumer later in the day to tell him it wouldn't work, according to a person familiar with the talks. "These are people who tell their supporters, 'On this one, the right thing to do is not what you thought.' And one of the reasons to go into politics is to be able to move the ball in that sense".

"So what does the White House staff do a couple of days later?"

'And we're never going to get there as long as we embrace concepts that can not possibly get 60 votes. Official White House photos of the president sitting at an empty desk and visiting the office of press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders were widely mocked on Twitter.

DACA is a guarantee against deportation for millions of illegal immigrants who were brought to the children. "In my experience, the reality is that the president knows what he does not know and does not think he needs to know it", Sam Nunberg, a former campaign adviser, told the New York Times.

'This is the president's agenda. 'He's here to push the president's agenda, like everybody in this building'.

"They hold us back from getting a solution", Graham said. "I think Stephen knows this issue better than anybody else in the White House".

It's certainly not the first time the charge has been made. In addition, they elevate usually anonymous back-room players into center-stage roles at a time when questions already exist about whether Trump has a firm grip on his own White House.



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