Trump signs $1.5 trillion United States tax bill into law

Trump signs $1.5 trillion United States tax bill into law

"It's the great Oval Office".

Another issue taken with the president's new tax reform is that it will add another $1.5 trillion to the U.S.' debt of $20 trillion, which President Trump promised would be taken care of during the elections.

But the president simply can not pass an infrastructure bill without the help of Democrats who will want to cut a deal on immigration first.

While it's true that most Americans will see a small tax cut next year, the richest of the rich will see the vast bulk of the bill's benefits over the course of the next decade. This is a phenomenon that nobody even thought of, and now it is the rage.

"Corporations are literally going wild", Trump said.

After Congress passed the legislation this week, at least five major companies announced they would give workers bonuses, boost their minimum wage or increase capital investment.

"Because it means West Virginians like you can keep more of your money", Capito said.

After watching the news, Mr Trump said he would be signing the bill in "30 minutes" in a Twitter post.

Trump often reacts to television news, and Friday was no different.

He is departing to his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate for the holiday season.

"I didn't want you folks to say I wasn't keeping my promise. we did a rush job today and it wasn't fancy. we expected a formal ceremony in two weeks", Trump said.

So Trump said he told his staff: "Get it ready, we have to sign it now".

An analysis by The Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank, revealed Trump and six members of his inner circle will be the actual beneficiaries of the tax bill.

It also ends fines for people who don't carry health insurance. "We are very proud of it", Trump said. The law is not repealed, but the mandate had been considered an important feature of it.

President Donald Trump has signed into law a $1.5 trillion tax overhaul package. It is one of the key centrepieces of the bill which has become bone of contention between republicans and democrats.

The stopgap legislation, which extends federal funding through January 19, will keep the government from closing down at midnight Friday. The president will meet with congressional leaders in January to discuss legislative priorities for 2018.



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