Trump says Durbin 'totally misrepresented' comments

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Other reporters are now confirming Trump may have said "shithouse" not "shithole".

Graham said Tuesday there are clear outlines of an immigration deal that both Democrats and Republicans can support - continued protections for DACA recipients and others, coupled with increased border security and changes to a more "merit-based" immigration system.

"President Trump brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides".

A meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers last Thursday made waves after reports emerged that Trump had described Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries" and asked why the United States was accepting immigrants from those places and not countries such as Norway.

Durbin said that while this week has been a odd one for his political career, he believes more Republicans will distance themselves from the president.

"I didn't hear it and I was sitting no further away from [President] Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was", Cotton said, when Dickerson pressed for clarity. "Durbin has a history of misrepresenting what happens in White House meetings, so that should not come as a surprise". "In terms of that meeting, I'm focused on one thing - not that meeting - but on making sure that those who are being protected by DACA. have a future in America".

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin, who presented a compromise immigration plan to Trump, called out the President's staff, saying they are blocking a deal.

Stephanopoulos repeatedly tried to have Perdue clarify what he meant and asked point-blank if Trump did not in fact say the crass word during the meeting.

Trump has drawn criticism at home, from Republicans and Democrats and from overseas for the comments attributed to him. And I'm telling you it's a gross misrepresentation. I think we should do it.

Despite what he said were concerns about Trump's weight, diet and exercise levels, Jackson declared the President in "excellent" health, which he predicted would hold up for the remainder of his term. He was speaking in reference to El Salvador, Haiti and several African countries.

Only a week ago, South Carolina's senior senator was confident President Donald Trump was ready to make a deal on immigration that would spare young people covered by DACA from deportation.

"My memory hasn't evolved", Graham told the Charleston Courier and Post. No such comprehensive deal seems likely at the moment, despite Trump's eyebrow-raising suggestion to the contrary.

"I can just say what was described in the meeting I had was identical to what was reported later in the news", Flake said. "I don't recall that specific phrase being used".

Senator David Perdue said on ABC's "This Week" that Trump "did not use that word", and accused Democratic senator Richard J. Durbin of distorting what the president had said at the meeting, which included more than a half-dozen lawmakers.

"At the Tuesday meeting, he was at the back, writing notes and passing them to Tom Cotton who is his man in the Senate". They did not condemn or outright deny the comments. Cotton said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" that he "didn't hear" the vulgar word used.

Jackson describes Mr. Trump as "very sharp" and "very articulate when he speaks to me".



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