Time for Afghanistan to make contributions in war against terror: DG ISPR

Time for Afghanistan to make contributions in war against terror: DG ISPR

COAS Bajwa further said that Pakistan will keep supporting all initiatives for peace in Afghanistan despite the tendency to scapegoat Pakistan, as peace in Afghanistan is the only way to move towards enduring peace and stability in the region.

President Donald Trump in a New Year's Day tweet accused the country of giving nothing to the USA but "lies and deceit" and providing "safe haven" to terrorists in return for United States dollars 33 billion aid over the last 15 years.

The US is committed to not allowing either Pakistan or Afghanistan to become a safe haven for terrorists from where they can attack America and its allies, said the senior Trump administration official on condition of anonymity.

He also conveyed to the army chief that the U.S. is not contemplating any unilateral action inside Pakistan but is seeking cooperation to tackle Afghan nationals who, in his view, use Pakistan's soil against Afghanistan, the ISPR informed.

Tension between the United States and Pakistan has grown over US complaints that the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network that target American troops in Afghanistan are allowed to take shelter on Pakistani soil.

At a separate news conference, the Pentagon said that Pakistan has the ability to address terrorist threat inside the country.

"The Gen Bajwa doctrine will bring a durable peace in the country", he said, adding that cooperation between institutions was vital in the war against terrorism. Pakistan's main problem is its regional isolation: it is at odds with India beyond the point where it is any use; it is at odds with Iran although a similarly isolated Iran will never say it, wisely taking a realistic view of its own isolation.

The statements made by the army chief came after he received two phone calls over the week; one from the commander of US CENTCOM and the other from US Senator to discuss the security cooperation between the two nations post US President Donald Trump's tweet. Pakistan denies these allegations but President Trump has escalated the criticism against Islamabad since he took office.

Last week, the Trump administration suspended approximately $2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan, resulting in an outrage from Islamabad.

The ISPR DG said that fencing on 2600-km-long border [with Afghanistan] had already begun and there would be significant improvement if the border was managed by the coming year.

Referring to his conversation with the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Goldstein hoped that Pakistan will join the US in its effort with regard to fight against terrorism.



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