The Game Boy is back (sort of)

The Game Boy is back (sort of)

If it wasn't a Game Boy then you clearly weren't with it.

A respected retro console manufacturer is getting in on Nintendo's retro classics game. It probably won't be called the Ultra Game Boy (Nintendo licensing right and all) and it won't include any built-in games - that's right, you'll need to dust off those old cartridges or head over to eBay to start building your library.

Despite the success of the Switch, Nintendo's older consoles have seen a resurgence in interest recently.

It sports an incredible aluminum casing that will surely survive the slippery hands of your little cousin who unfortunately took your Game Boy when you weren't looking (thanks, Kyle). But it's not clear yet if it will provide emulator-style benefits like Super Game Boy color palettes, save states, and the ability to save ROM images of your actual cartridges. Since this console isn't being made by Nintendo, it obviously won't have any games built in, but it will play all original Game Boy cartridges and possibly Game Boy Color carts too.

The Ultra Game Boy is set to have six hours battery life, a USB port for charging, stereo speakers, and even the option to compose your own electronic music. Nintendo followed it up with the SNES Classic Edition in 2017, and despite having significantly more stock, still managed to sell out at virtually every retailer.

But as familiar as the Ultra Game Boy looks, there are some significant changes.

Hyperkin is hoping that the Ultra Game Boy will be ready for a late Summer 2018 release with a price tag below $100.

While at first glance the Ultra Game Boy looks like the original and pocket models of the now decades-old Game Boy, it has a few modern twists, notably an aluminium chassis and an LCD display that has an adjustable backlight to allow it to present retro colourless games or those that make use of the RGB spectrum.



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