Super Mario Odyssey to get free 'Luigi's Balloon World' add-on

According to Nintendo, the Donkey Kong title will also include a new beginner-friendly mode, "that lets players enjoy this critically acclaimed adventure as groovy surfing simian Funky Kong". The first is called Hide It, which gives players 30 seconds to hide balloons throughout the world.

In Hide It mode, players have 30 seconds to try and place a balloon somewhere in the various locales of Super Mario Odyssey, from nooks and crannies, to acrobatic leaps of faith.

Luigi's Balloon World is an online component featuring 2 different competitive modes: "Hide It Mode" and "Find It Mode". As you find balloons you earn points to move up in a global leaderboard.

I'm certainly hoping there's some more substantial content coming, but in the meantime Nintendo today announced that they'll be providing a free update for Super Mario Odyssey. Snapshot Mode will add a bunch of new filters, including a neon filter and a coin filter.

Super Mario Odyssey's free update comes in February 2018. Three new outfits will also be available in the game, including a Sunshine Shades & Outfit, Musician Hat & Outfit plus Knight Helmet & Armor.



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