State Rep. Matt LoPresti: 'Praying With My Children' in Bathtub After Alert

This was the alert which was issued among residents in Hawaii on Saturday morning which caused panic. Civil Defense later told residents it was a mistake and that someone'pushed the wrong buttons during a drill

A message warning Hawaii residents to seek shelter due to the imminent threat of a ballistic missile on Saturday morning was a false alarm, officials said. "Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill", the alert read.

According to Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi, an employee accidentally hit the wrong button.That mistake caused widespread panic and confusion.

Matthew LoPresti said Saturday that "I was sitting in the bathtub with my children saying our prayers" after he received a false alert about an incoming ballistic missile.

The US Federal Communications Commission announced that it has launched a probe into the false alert warning.

While Argentine Emiliano Grillo tried to find out if it was a false alarm.

"I think my heart was racing, I think some people could have had a heart attack thinking this was it", she said.

When the alert went out in Hawaii, many people grabbed phones and called loved ones around the country.

The alert was sent to the Emergency Alert System, the Wireless Emergency Alert but not the sirens, although some sirens did go off. Hawaii Gov. David Ige said there will be an investigation into why the sirens sounded.

After months of heightened nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea, frightened people scrambled for safety and communications were bogged down.

He said he was at work this morning when everyone's cell phones started going off, alerting them to an inbound missile.

Minutes after the alert, however, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said she had confirmed there was no missile. "One person, human error - and that button was pushed anyway".

The episode came at a time of heightened tensions with North Korea, which has said that it has successfully tested ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States. "We need to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure it never happens again".



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