Some FBI documents unsealed in Vegas shooting

Federal judge orders documents released in 1 October shooting                      KTNV

Investigators have interviewed Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, several times during in the ongoing investigation, the court documents show.

Bump stocks believed to be used in the massacre were found in the 32nd-floor hotel room from which Paddock fired.

Video from a neighbouring building has shown the spot that Stephen Paddock chose to fire onto the concert goers.

The emails also mentioned trying out an AR-style rifle before purchasing one.

Hundreds of pages of search warrant documents related to the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting were unsealed on Friday.

Documents posted online by the Review-Journal showed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents sought information from Microsoft and Facebook regarding the accounts held by Paddock and Danley.

The documents said Paddock had received an email from a Gmail account in July a year ago, encouraging him to try an AR-style rifle before buying one.

The Las Vegas gunman sent emails discussing buying bump stocks - which can make semiautomatic rifles fire hundreds of rounds a minute - three months before killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 in October, media reports on search warrants have shown.

"We're glad that the federal court - and the government - recognized that the federal warrant materials should be released today, but we're still fighting for access to additional records", Review-Journal attorney Maggie McLetchie said. "The public should be given as much information as possible so it can assess the events of 1 October - and the law enforcement response".

Prosecutors didn't oppose the request for the records by media organizations, including The Associated Press.

Some FBI documents unsealed in Vegas shooting

"The release of these documents is a good start toward complete transparency for records related to the October 1 shooting", Review-Journal Managing Editor Glenn Cook said.

Unsealed documents have been released, which reveal more about Stephen Paddock and his Aussie girlfriend before he carried out America's deadliest mass shooting. "The public's business must be public".

The Las Vegas gunman exchanged emails about buying rifles and bump stocks months before he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history using guns equipped with the device that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire almost as fast as automatic ones.

Paddock's email address and a Gmail address he was corresponding with had similar names, but investigators are perplexed as to why he may have been emailing himself.

One message sent to the account connected to a "Steve P", the documents state.

Police found 23 guns in Paddock's hotel room after the horrific shooting, as well as 19 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition found at his home.

The message read in part: "for a thrill try out bumpfire ar's with 100 round magazine", an apparent reference to the "bump stock" device police say that Paddock affixed to a number of the firearms found in his room.

They had been sealed for months, but lawyers for several media companies, including the Los Angeles Times, argued for the release of the information.

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