Signs of government shutdown spotty but symbolic

What Happens in a Government Shutdown

Andrew Cuomo has vowed to find state money to reopen the Statue of Liberty, which closed due to the federal government shutdown.

The federal monument closed abruptly on Saturday when federal lawmakers failed to reach a budget agreement.

"Not all parks are fully open but we are all working hard to make as many areas as accessible to the public as possible", U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said on Twitter on Saturday.

Although the sites are located within the territorial jurisdiction of NY, they are federal property administered by the National Park Service and were thus closed by the shutdown.

According to Cuomo's office, an average of 10,000 visitors are turned away daily during the shutdown, and more than 900 jobs were impacted, including National Park Service employees and those who work for the ferry tours. "It is a symbol of NY", he said.

In Washington, the Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo will remain open through Monday, using prior-year funds.

"We learned our lesson", he said. But in Philadelphia, visitors were turned away at the Liberty Bell.

Cuomo said he will use state funds to keep the sites open, saying they will reopen on Monday, according to WPIX11 NY. "We don't know if we will come here again". When it continued for several days, the state covered the costs to reopen the sites. "So the cost is justified just from a tourism point of view", he said.

The Statue of Liberty, temporarily closed by a USA government budget shutdown, will reopen on Monday to once again beckon other countries' "huddled masses" - as well as not-so-poor tourists with dollars to spend.

But in South Dakota, home of Mount Rushmore, Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard has said he would not take any action to keep the monument open during a shutdown.



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