Saba Qamar talks about humiliation she faced at global airport

Saba Qamar talks about humiliation she faced at global airport

Saba Qamar is quite elated for this Filmfare nomination since she is the only Pakistani to be nominated this year.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar who acted in the film "Hindi Medium" narrated humiliation she faces at the global airports for being "Pakistani". In a newly released video clip, the actress shares her ordeal of facing constant security checks at worldwide airports because of carrying a Pakistani passport.

The Hindi Medium actress shared a recent ordeal she faced when she travelled to Tbilisi, which is the capital of Georgia. The actor was in tears as she mentioned how humiliated she feels with the way she is frisked at the airports just because she owns a Pakistani passport. I can't tell you. In Tbilisi, my Indian crew was allowed to go.

She said all her Indian crew were allowed to leave, while she was held back and questioned, allegedly because of her Pakistani passport. We say "Pakistan Zindabad" on our homeland but the world does not have the same image about our country.

She further added, "That day I realised this is the respect we get".

It is not unusual for Pakistani nationals to go through tight security checks at global airports around the world.

After receiving rave reviews for her role in Hindi Medium, Saba Qamar has been nominated for a Filmfare in the coveted Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female) category!



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