Parents accused of holding 13 children captive charged with torture, child abuse

California couple charged in alleged torture case

A California neighborhood was rocked by the arrest of a couple who are accused of keeping their 13 children shackled and on the verge of starvation.

Authorities in Perris, California, near Riverside, arrested the Turpins this week after they allegedly chained their children to beds in filthy conditions.

The call led police to discover a horrific scene full of children so malnourished that the seven oldest children, who were adults as old as 29, looked like young minors. Hestrin told the Associated Press that all the victims have cognitive impairment and a lack of basic knowledge of life because of the malnourishment and alleged abuse they experienced.

When Police Officers from the Perris Police Department and Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department met with the juvenile, she appeared to be only 10 years old and slightly emaciated.

The video shows officers swarming in, taking their parents, David and Louise Turpin, away in handcuffs.

Neighbors said they had minimal contact with the family and the children were rarely seen outside the home.

Authorities said the 13 malnourished children were held captive in this home.

She said that there was much about the family that struck her as unusual, and she often wondered why with so many children in the house, none played outside.

The parents, Louise and David Turpin, could not provide a logical reason as to why the children and adults were chained to their beds.

Flores broke down in tears during the interview Wednesday, noting that her sister had cut her off from seeing the children for 20 years.

Neighbours said the family was quiet, but they knew it was large.

As the BBC reports, Mr Turpin is also facing a charge of performing a lewd act on a child in addition to the torture and false imprisonment charges levelled at both parents.

Their bail was set at £6.5 million ($9 million) each, police said, and are due in court on Thursday. They requested to see her.

David and Louise Turpin. The private school the kids attended, Sandcastle Day School, had the same address as the family home and the six attendees were all their children.



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