Nintendo Released almost a Dozen Big New Games for Switch

Dark Souls Remastered

Here are all the big announcements from today's Direct. Though it wasn't quite the spectacle I thought it might be, they did deliver on the hype-worthy news.

What games are you most excited for?

There are free demos available on the Nintendo eShop for Kirby Battle Royale and Dragon Quest Builders. No specific release date was mentioned, but it is now planned for sometime during the year.

Aegislash is coming to Pokken Tournament. The DLC will be available this Spring. Although it is only a brief tease of the upcoming release, the slither of gameplay that we've seen so far leaves a good impression and has us hopeful that Mario Tennis Aces may just knock it out of the park. A 2nd wave includes Blastoise, Mew, and Celebi. The first wave, coming out on January 31, will introduce Aegislash and a support set for Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. There is the new "Artist" ability that lets you paint your own smackdowns and there's the "Spider" ability that lets you ensnare enemies. It's going to get hectic. Well, now we have the release date: March 16, 2018.

The definitive version of Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This ultimate version of Hyrule Warriors will feature all 29 combined characters and maps from the Wii U and 3DS versions, as well as all the premium DLC complete in one package. Players can also use the Joy-Con controllers to try combat in an all-new way, though the Direct Mini didn't share details on how that mechanic would work. There's local and online co-op, full touch-screen support, and HD rumble to enhance the feel of weapon recoil.

On the first-party side, Nintendo announced Kirby Star Allies will arrive for the Switch on March 16th, while the new title Mario Tennis Aces is slated for release sometime in the Spring. The update is coming in February.

Ys VIII, the latest game in the long-running action RPG series is coming to the Switch this Summer. Expect it for the Nintendo Switch this summer.

A free update to Super Mario Odyssey in February will add a new mini-game called Balloon World, which will also see Luigi come to the game as he's in charge of the mini-game. If you choose to find one, you are given 30 seconds to search for a balloon another player has hidden. This near challenge offers a bit of competition in the Marioverse. The update will also include some new filters for the photo mode along with three new outfits. The update will hit Nintendo Switch this February.



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