New Star Wars Battlefront II progression system set for March?

New Star Wars Battlefront II progression system set for March?

What these changes actually are and when they're coming, however, are left for us to guess.

It's been an eventful few months for Star Wars™ fans, hasn't it? Jetpack Cargo is the new game mode that will be introduced in February.

The news that will generate the biggest sigh of relief is that the game's progression system is being reworked - although that sigh of relief may be punctuated by a "harumph" of impatience, as EA has said details of these changes won't be announced until March. As the press release reads, in The Last Jedi Season, players completed over 10 million quests for either the First Order or the Resistance and engaged in desperate showdowns on Crait over 156 million times.

In a January news update for the game, DICE wrote: "We're working on a revamped progression system".

In a new blog post on the official site, EA say they've been listening to player feedback and are "preparing significant changes to progression that will address numerous things we've seen players asking for". The mode pits two teams of eight against each other, with all players being granted a jetpack for some fast-paced action. And more updates should be coming in the months ahead as well, assuring that the game won't be losing out on quality content anytime soon. It will only be available for a limited time.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has caused plenty of controversy at launch. DICE stated that it will take on board lessons it learned from the previous season, but once again, the developer is tight-lipped on the exact details, promising to reveal more information soon. Cargo was one of the primary modes in Star Wars Battlefront from 2015, and it is a variant of Capture the Flag.



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