N-Out adds first new menu item in 15 years

N-Out adds first new menu item in 15 years

In-N-Out is known for their classic burgers, fries, and shakes. In fact, hot cocoa isn't technically a new addition to the menu.

Two corporate employees confirmed to The Sacramento Bee Wednesday that In-N-Out is now offering the drink at all 328 locations as of January 1. Yes, now you can order an eight-ounce cup of the toasty stuff to go along with your meal, and you can even request marshmallows.

Per the OC Register, restaurants in the burger chain have started adding an 8-ounce cup of hot chocolate to the menu board for $1.60, which hadn't changed in well over a decade.

Snyder's "special for kids" statement actually hints at another hot cocoa perk: According to Eater San Francisco, kids under the age of 12 can receive a free hot chocolate whenever it rains.

The cocoa is from Ghirardelli and they serve it with marshmallows.

The last time In-N-Out altered its menu was to add lemonade back in the early 2000s, reports say. Eater.com reported that at least one Los Angeles-area restaurant has had it on its menu since November.

The new edition isn't technically "new", instead, hot cocoa is making a return.

Of course, if you're stuck on the East Coast in subzero temperatures, you can always make your own hot cocoa at home.

Last month, the chain announced plans to add up to 50 locations in Colorado in the coming year.



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