MP Wants National Flag Flown At Half Mast On Australia Day

The former Liberal leader's Twitter message was liked more than 800 times in just three hours

Malcolm Turnbull has slammed calls to change the date of Australia Day, saying a shift from January 26 would create more animosity rather than diffuse it.

The former tennis champ said "real Australians" would not be celebrating Australia Day.

"It would be voted down, because a large number of the Aboriginal population see changing Australia Day as divisive and unnecessary", Town of Claremont Mayor Jock Barker said.

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday night, Mr Turnbull says a free country debates its history and does not deny it.

"It's vital that we continue to celebrate on that day and not listen to a bunch of crackpots that want to turn it into a day that divides us". We need to own that we were invaded and atrocities occurred.

"I'm not celebrating the day the British landed here and started butchering the Aboriginal people", Cash told 3AW.

"Di Natale should rethink trying to politicise Australia Day with thought bubbles like changing the date, and flying our flags at half mast, and focus on what unites our diverse society". "That is not going to be a celebration for me, it's like an Invasion Day, celebrating white England - English landing".

Mr Barker said while Sen Di Natale was "at liberty" to call on his membership to influence his council, which had worked with environmentalists and Aboriginals on rejuvenating Lake Claremont, he personally did not take notice of what had been said by the Green's leader. Australia Day is a day to come together'.

Asked about Labor's position, Burney said there was "no proposal to change the date" and it won't change "any time soon".

A potential by-election for the federal seat of Batman would likely be fertile ground for the issue, along with inner city seats of Brunswick and Richmond in the looming state election in November.

"This date means many different things to different people, and that for Aboriginal people in particular the 26th of January is a hard day", he said.

Mosman Park Mayor Brett Pollock, who does not support change, said moving the national day was not an issue in his town.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott said there were 364 other days a year for the Greens to be politically correct and January 26 is the best date to celebrate "all that's good about life in Australia".



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