Microsoft handing out 30K Battle Points to PUBG players on Xbox One

PUBG Xbox Player Count Surpasses 4 Million Players to Get In Game Reward to Celebrate

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been infamously known as a cheaters playground with hackers making use of a variety of different tools to modify the game for specific players (speedhacks aimbot, ect), making life increasingly shitty for the common player.

Meanwhile, in the PC version the emphasis has been on stopping cheats and improving performance in the lobby. Be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire and Major Nelson for all the latest PUBG news.

For those that might be unfamiliar, the blue zone is a mechanic in "PUBG" that essentially prevents players from camping in one spot and, over time, bring all surviving players into one central location.

"Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" continues to grow following its exit from Early Access on Steam.

Developers have stepped their game up from past year, when they donated $100,000 to the Twitch PUBG Winter Invitational. Unfortunately, it also removed the weapons from the Erangel lobby. Finally, they plan on increasing how much damage players will take within the blue zone, to further encourage players to keep moving. As is typical with test patches, the changes follow on live servers provided it all works well.

When it comes to cheating, I've personally experienced the most frequent amounts of cheating since getting into the game past year.

The #PUBG community is now 4 million strong on Xbox. Give it to a friend and team up for many hours of PUBG together.

Fortunately, the developer is committed to supporting the game in the coming months, with more updates in the pipeline.



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